Weekly Tarot Blog 15-2-21

This week there are a lot of positive vibes, we start the week with an Aries moon so you may feel slightly more upbeat, more exciting, get things done, start to make plans for new energy. Mercury leaves its retrograde position on Sunday which means we can start to really move forward and take more changes with what we want to get going wit, hose moves, signing documents, new work opportunities. As the moon moves into Taurus after Monday, you can be looking at your finances and values, maybe you’re be doing a little online shopping for something fabulous! 

As it moves in into Gemini on Thursday/Friday your communication will be important, texts. Emails, get things organised now ready for lift off the following week 

Last week we had a busy week with the Chinese New Year, the Year of the OX. A year that If you are prepared to work hard as OX’s do, you will reap the rewards, if you are a little more playful you could lose out – check out my other blog on the Chinese New Year messages for more in-depth on your own sign 

We also had valentine’s day! I was lucky enough to be woken up with tea and breakfast in bed by my lover! My soon to be husband! 

I love creating tarot spreads so obviously had to create a Valentine tarot spread. 

I for one will be glad to get out of this Mercury retrograde, I’m having some garden work and have had to wait a month for a delivery before I can shift somethings around! This will also benefit me feng shui wise as it means my North East room where I work from home in can have a declutter – enhancing my lucky star area! Not sure what that means? You can catch all about it soon with a new project that’s on its way – again had to be on hold for like forever

So one more week to tie up those loose ends, get things sorted! 

The kids are on half term this week so thank the Lord, no home schooling for a whole 7 days! What fabulous magic can we get up to I’m wondering? 

Enjoy your Weekly Tarot scopes! 

Mystic Blessings 

Kate May

 Modern Day mystic xx