Tarot Blog 22-2-21 

This week’s tarot blog looks at 2 of cups, 9 wands and the 6 of swords 

The 2 of cups shows us we are in a mood for love for harmony and could bring news of a new relationship or a stronger bond with an exciting one. You may have come together with someone to form a new business idea, his looks to start off ok however as just a two, it is just the potential there are still many choices ahead.  

We move here into the 9 of wands, as a card combination, these two can show that one of you will be doing more of the work! The 9 of wands can appear when you have battled many things but have come through the worst. You can be sure that your experience will not go wasted but you’re not out of the woods yet! This is a 9 so a little more work is required. 

The good news is that things will become clearer soon and you can see the light is in sight. The final card picked is the 6 of swords. The troubles are now in the past. By the end of the week you should start to be moving into calmer water. You may have to act a quick and get out of something now to avoid any further troubles! As a card combination, these cards can show that what looked a good promise may indeed be something your quick to get out off! Alternatively, it could show that through the union of someone you are now able to have the support you need to keep going and breakaway from challenging situations. 

That is the beauty of the Tarot, they really can mean so many things but it is our intuition as to which direction this could be. For some people these will be huge impacts for others as minor cards they will be just day to day events

For me, I’ve secured my shop, mystic coffee lounge for another 2 years today! 2 of cups Yippee – I have work projects that I’m almost finished with, I could easily more onto something new that’s so me, but I’m going to finish what I’ve started and then I can move into the next week calmer, clearer and leaving behind any worries that may pop up!

Have a magical week 

Mystic Blessings 

Kate May Modern Day mystic