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What can tarot tell you?

What can tarot tell you

Often clients will want to when they will meet that special person, or if they will have 5 children a home in the sun and farm yard. Some want to see if a job will be offered for them or what the drs appointment will say.

While some of these can be easy to see, some not so.

 I prefer to use the tarot as guidance to help support my clients through any challenges. I really don’t want their life’s responsibilities on my shoulders and I make this clear at the start of each reading.

But sometimes they do save the day

Last year a good friend and I were looking onto a larger premises. We went along to check it out, worked out the finances, planned it all and it looked like it was going to be great – until I did the cards. The 3 of swords came up the 9 of swords the 5 of swords, no matter how many times I re worded the question it was a clear disaster. So we didn’t go through with it, despite everything looking good on paper – this was a clear warning to us. 4 months later and we hit a 2nd lock down that went on longer than the first, other huge changes happened and although were still very good friends, (in fact I’m away this weekend with her as I write this), our working relationship came to an end as her business took off in another direction that suited her more. This was always going to happen but we would have been stuck with a big financial problem that would have tested our friendship I’m sure.

Using the cards to see if it was a good idea saved us bundles.

 Using the cards as guidance to see stages of your life can be supper helpful, but asking when you’re going to marry Bob the butcher when he’s already married to sexy Sue may be a bit more complicated

 Think about the questions you want to ask or better still, allow natural intuition and psychic energy along with the tarot cards to tell you instead.

You may need to change the wording on some questions to ”what do I need to do to make this situation better” rather than when will this situation get better

Tarot readers are often not financial advisors or drs or health physician, and shouldn’t be counted without the appropriate guidance from those in the profession. While we can see how things will pan out and give guidance, factual advice is better coming from a professional.

As a reader I love helping people see the light at the end of the tunnel or to give insight as to where things are heading.

Free will have a huge impact on what happens around readings. There is so much to take in to account when doing readings, and personnel responsibility is a huge one.

The tarot can, if used well can actually help you with so many areas of your life. But it should not be a crutch to live your life by. Guidance yes, insight yes, support yes,  living your live hanging on to the tarot no! Tempting as it is!

what tarot can tell you