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Why tarot shouldn’t be used as just prediction

Tarot isn’t about predictions
It’s a tool to help you navigate your way though challenging times or through choices

Many people think the tarot will predict when they will meet the love of their life, when they will have babies, when the divorce will come through ect ect and yes it can be used in that way but it also has so much more to offer

Using your intuition, what your drawn too, the symbols or signs within each card can help you delve even deeper

The tarot with intuition can help you with your journey

A psychic may be able to pick up the future with or without the cards, but a tarot reader doesn’t have to be psychic necessarily, they just need to know what they are looking for and to trust their intuition

Within each card are other finer details such as the snail in the 9 of pentacles – the 9 of pentacles tells us our hard work will pay off and we will have financial security – but the snail tells us to do things slowly – it’s those little extras that help you get there

Through this unsettled time, some may think there’s no point seeing a tarot reader, or consulting your own cards if you have them because it’s all doom and gloom anyway for the next few months so what’s the point? The point is, with the use of the cards and your intuition you can help yourself in such a positive way, that these strange few months or any of your life ups hill struggles, need not be that – a struggle. I have looked at my own cards and continued to do readings for others in the last days even today, and with each one I leave them with the knowing that they are in control and knowing how to move forward for their best interest

Tarot cards are really not just prediction, don’t be so foolish to think so, they are far more special than that – they give you the keys to unlock your potential at it’s best, they show you a potential, and you have the free will with the little extras to reach it. And if you don’t like what you see? If your outcome isn’t what you had hoped does that mean all is lost? No, You have the power to navigate yourself through any challenges even this one.

Don’t get me wrong, using the cards and my psychic skills I have predicted many many things over the years, that have come to fruition but there is another layer to being a good tarot reader rather than being a robot and just saying what the cards mean in black and white – that’s where the real power is, within your intuition that connects to the card

The wheel of fortune shows us that there are cycles in life, what goes up must go down and vice Versa, but the extra intuition within the card reminds us of our wisdom from the past downward spiral, it shows us that we need to act from our past actions. We need to learn where our wisdom connects in order for those past lessons not to have been wasted

So before you settle for thinking that the tarot cards are just for predication – have a deeper look into them, use your intuition to be guided, through your now, through yesturday, through what your soul wants you to learn, through what your purpose is, through what important messages are you missing by just using them as prediction.

Used as a tool that connects to your subconscious , connected to the divine, Tarot is so much more than just a predicting and fortune telling reading

Pick a card – study the image – dive deep into the depth of every colour , every ripple, every piece of art within it, let your heart feel where to go and your eyes see what is lighting up to you – there’s your message -not a predication, you seeing the navigation now on offer to help guide you

Mystic Blessings

Kate May





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