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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Witchy Tarot Spread

The witchy Tarot Spread

I created this fun spread for any time of the year, but Halloween, and Samhain sees the most popular time for the Witch season. In truth in my opinion, Witchcraft is a lifestyle.

I find it interesting that so many people call themselves a Witch yet have no real understanding of the craft. I have met people who like to light a few candles and say they are psychic, leading them to believe they are a witch. Witches work with magic and spells, they understand the craft and don’t use their “witch status” willy nilly, often preferring to work in solitude and craft in private.

I think my first encounter on what a witch was supposed to look like was as grot bags from the children’s tv programme and the book Meg and Mog, both of which I loved! And then came Sabrina the teenage witch and who can forget Samantha in Bewitched!

Witches got a bad rep for being evil, and ugly. Portraying fear and negativity. Now days, I’d like to think we are more educated and understand how crap that is and the healing side from where witchcraft is most powerful.

I have been asked if I work with spells, and the simple answer is yes, however, I am super cautious as to when how what and who with. I find that my spells work well with manifestations and the moons energy. I love to use my tarot cards to support these. I have never done a “bad spell” on times when I have been tempted, my guide has reminded me that It was necessary as the universal law works without my interference lol. As a spiritualist sometimes, the beliefs merge, sometimes they can conflict, however over the years, I have learnt what works best for when.

I hope you enjoy this tarot spread; I promise you will not be turned into. Frog for trying it!

What is bubbling away making positive progress

Shadow side that is blocking you

Pointy Finger focus

What black cat luck is coming your way

Witchy tarot message




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