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Year of the Dragon 2024 Tarot Reading

The dragon holds significant symbolism in Chinese culture, representing power, nobility, honour, luck, and success. The Year of the Dragon, which will occur in 2024, is expected to bring forth opportunities, challenges, and changes. For individuals seeking a shift in their lives, this year may present a favourable chance to do so. Dragons, in particular, will experience growth and regeneration during this period, potentially presenting new opportunities for achievement and advancement. If you’re looking to revitalise your love life, which may feel burdened by daily obligations, this could be the perfect time to do so.

The Year of the Dragon in 2024 will be a year of luck, wealth, and power. Strong leadership skills and attractive personalities will make it an excellent time for new beginnings and long-term success for all twelve Chinese zodiac signs. With wood as the element for Chinese New Year 2024, we embrace growth, success, and the initial stage of development. Wood symbolises humanity’s aspiration to achieve, progress, grow, and expand, while the Year of the Dragon represents health, strength, and good fortune.

The Year of the Dragon in 2024 will bring favourable conditions for change, growth, and progress, with the dragon’s energy and the grounding influence of the wood element inspiring imagination, leadership, and new ideas. While some individuals may find it challenging to keep up with the dragon’s fiery energy, others will lead and rule alongside them. All Chinese zodiac signs will experience both opportunities and challenges during the Year of the Wood Dragon in 2024, as the dragon symbolises change and adaptability in the wood element, bringing growth and renewal.

2024 will be a dynamic year with opportunities for growth and rebirth, but also challenges and conflicts in politics, foreign relations, and the environment. As such, it emphasises the need for forgiveness and peaceful resolutions. To improve your luck and health in the Year of the Dragon, consider following feng shui rules such as clearing clutter, adding wood elements, displaying dragon symbols, using lucky colours, and avoiding bad directions.

Tarot Reading

*What is the Dragon year energy around you now: Wheel of fortune: Luck is on your side! A change will be positive in your growth.

*How can you make this year abundant and positive?- 2 of Cups: Join forces! Partner up with to maximise abundance.

*How are you transforming this Dragon year – Ace of wands: Follow your inspirations and dreams. Your ideas have magic power this year

*How can keep up with the fiery leadership energy – Make changes where you need too. Don’t waste time in dead end situations.

*Where do you need to focus your attention this year – 4 of Pentacles: Build a foundation on which you can grow, but be flexible as you go.

*Area of positive growth – The star: The stars are realigning your fortune! Optimism and hope can bring positive influence in any area!

*Dragon message – Ace of Pentacles: A new financial or material offer will bring a new chapter of abundance.




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