Year of the pig – Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

Each year, the New Moon in Aquarius also marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

What will you be doing for this Chinese New year?

To mark the day, it is advised to think about what you would like to achieve for the coming year. Think strongly about what is it you would like top achieve and if you slipped with the English new year, you have a second chance today! A symbolic act taken today has added staying power!

That also means a doing some prep work to get ready. Traditional all the cleaning and chores are done in advance, so you don’t “clear away” the good fortune flowing in on New Year’s. What a great excuse not to have to clean up for a few days

This year, we mark the year of the pig, Unlike Western astrology, each sign of the Chinese zodiac ‘rules’ over an entire year, bringing with it particular energy to everything that occurs over the next 12 months.  During the year of the pig, everything the pig wants to undertake is strengthened and successful. While this is great, especially after the hard year of the dog previous, it brings with it jealousy from those that want the pigs success, so be careful on those that look to ride on your hard work

Pig’s are loyal, service-oriented and a bit lazy. But they also understand the power of making small gains over time; slow and steady brings abundance this year.

On a positive not though, it looks to be a more successful year! Luck, pleasure and satisfaction are all within your reach under the influence of the pig