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Diary of a Mystic December

And just like that December is almost gone! It was a busy one for me, with Christmas parties, birthdays, and trip to Budapest!

The start of the month I hit it off with a Christmas do at a karaoke bar! If there is one thing, I love its singing! It doesn’t seem to bother me that I can’t sing though! It’s the taking part right! Always a fun night and of course a few wines helped! What I did experience was sweet nachos! OMG, they sound awful, I mean Nachos are savoury, right? But no! The sweet ones have quickly become my fave desert! Give them a try, I dare ya! And the diet doesn’t need to start until next week!

One thing I’m not so good at is making crafting! Although on Canva I can create journals, diary’s, tarot cards and posts, painting is a whole new ball game! I did my best at a Christmas make and create evening, although the final outcome was better than I thought! To be fair I just went for the social, always good to catch up with friends even if my Robin did look a little off colour!

My Tarot Diary hit amazon and my shop, I’m pleased to say, the feedback has been amazing! And I already have plans for the 2025 one! It’s so lovely when you spend time creating and other people appreciate it! To think some people received it on Christmas day as gifts was truly magical!

I always like to share a little from my readings, last month we had the thumb sign pop up on zoom when I was in the middle of a spirit contact, well that’s happened a few times now , but this month during a zoom reading, a few family members made contact and have their evidence and messages, but at the end of the reading another slipped in, this one had a different vibe about him. As I was passing on the information, I was drawn to my flashing Christmas lights, inspired I asked if the client had been having trouble with his electrics, to which he said yes! Turned out that last contact was an electrician when he was alive! What better way to make contact as his proof! I always encourage my students to look for signs and symbols, to what they are drawn to during a reading, and this just proved that. Of course, many spirits do do this, but what was interesting to me was that none of the other contacts had given this information, only mr electrician!

Talking of Spirits, although this time not the talking ones, Karen and I went to London for my yearly trip to Camden market. I love to go every Christmas, its busy full on and so Christmassy. Never ever have I ended up in more pubs than shops! It started with a can on the train, yes, a can of wine! Then I was absolutely going to order a tea but large wine came out of my mouth, turning into to 3 and a few more pubs along the way! Now I’m normally done by 430 ready to come home, I looked at my phone and it was 4.11 and we had not even made it into the Market! So, a quick down in one and off we went! It was the quickest visit ever! By 6 we were on our way back to the train feeling the alcohol effects, dropping half my waffle, and buying goodness knows what from some random stalls! I’m either leaving Karen at home next time or insisting I stick to tea lol

The following week I made up for missing the market by flying to Budapest for their Christmas market. Last year I was lucky enough to go to Poland for theirs and this year was a tossup between Prague and Budapest. What a beautiful place! Stunning architect. The market did not disappoint, huge! And spread out across many streets, including my face street the fashion street! Lights made up of handbags and shoes!

Their thermal baths were on the visit list, beautiful! Over 15 to go through, all different temperatures, it was very strange walking around in a swimsuit outside in the winter but lush to be dipping in the warm waters and jets!

Slight issue losing my bank card on the 2nd day, but that didn’t stop it being a fun weekend, although in hindsight I wish I had sorted apple pay before going away! Big lesson learnt! And now installed.

A big loss came this month with our dearest Johnny boy passing. John came into the lounge about 5 years ago after “randomly” after seeing it pop up in his news feed, although he could never figure out how that even happened.

Straight away, he became one of our faves and soon started to offer his healing from the mystic coffee lounge opening his healing clinicHe loved that.The funny things I remember is how he would mark my cooking for his cheese toasties out of 10. I went from 6-10 within a few weeks.He soon started giving marks out of 10 on the staffs cooking and wouldn’t hold back if he thought it wasn’t a 10 🤣I mean he had his own mug!This of course was all done in his lovely manor.He would bring in his magic tricks and try and teach us some of them.He would laugh out loud at our dances and singing and we would enjoy entertaining him

In lock down both Jem and I would do regular video calls with him using the funny apps, he would laugh so much.His passion was always healing, he would talk about his Leslie and the clinic they used to run before she passed.Johns’ passion was healing, and spiritualism he would light up at any chance to talk about it or be involved in it He wasn’t shy to give his opinion, we loved that about him, we learnt so much from him as did everyone that met him.I will be forever grateful that he found the lounge at “random” opening a chapter that will live with me forever.

His healing legacy lives on in all those he touched. I was drawn to call him the eve before I went away, when I did his daughter answered, he had taken a turn for the worse in hospital. I went up there straight away. He passed an hour after I left. He was truly a remarkable man and I thank God for him crossing my path. When I think of him now, I see him smiling, free of pain and happy to be continuing his healing path in the spirit world. I bet he is having a ball meeting up with all the spiritual pioneers and of course his beloved Leslie, not forgetting his German spirit Dr.

Coincidence or not, I believe John was meant to find us.

I do love spooky coincidences!

During my readings I  get “spirit bumps” throughout, I absolutely love this as another way of confirming things

After work one day last week,  and a few chrimbo drinks in the lounge we hit our local pub, a young girl complimented me on my hair and I explained I’d literally just come from work it wasn’t done lol and she invited me over to chat, saying she was into manifesting and energy and liked my energy, asked where I worked, when I told her Mystic Coffee Lounge she got all excited talking about her love of crystals ect and that must have been the energy she was picking up on me, I asked her her star sign as I always do and she was a Taurus, same as me, I asked her DOB and shut the front door it was the same as mine!Some guy listening couldn’t quite get his head round the random coincidence and said he wished he had filmed it lolShe introduced me to her wife, then her cousin who came up to me and said I had given her a reading a few years ago saying within a year she would move house have a baby and sun some money – she said she had her son moved house and won 10k all that year! She still had the recording!More “spirit bumps”Another girl came up to me later in the eve saying I’d read for her mum and nan – oh the fame! lol

And then we had yule and Christmas.

Yule, the winter solstice, I like to do my own things, reflecting honouring, and private mediations celebrating in my own fancy way. Christmas I’m all out with the family! This year I had a fab time with my dad, aunt and cousin plus Mr Flaaa and the boys, then boxing day with my mum. We ate too much, played so many bored games, and spent a lot of time chilling. I love buying things and seeing the look on people’s faces, when they open them, it it gives me so much joy. I like to make a lot of my gifts and many had personnel diary’s, filled with photos over the years and personnel messages throughout, or numerology, astrology and tarot mystic survival guide packs! These are now available for anyone to have personally made, individually. Just message me for deets!

It’s now that bit in-between Christmas and new year, I’m loving catching up with friends, reading books and walking by the seafront. I have also been able to catch up on blogs and the new year predictions for each zodiac sign, available on my YouTube channel.

2024 is an 8 year so here is an extract on it from my Diary.

As the stars align and the celestial energies stir, the year 2024 beckons with a promise of transformation. In the realm of numerology, it bears the mark of the number 8, a symbol of prosperity and movement. Like a wheel that turns and cycles, 8’s bring forth power, energy, and courage, paving the way for progress and revolution.

In the mystical realm of Tarot, the 8’s hold a pivotal role, embodying the essence of Strength and the Star. For when love triumphs over hate, and one approaches life’s challenges with a gentle hand, the strength within is magnified. And as hope glimmers in the distance, illuminating a path to a brighter future, the Star reminds us to hold onto optimism and let its light guide our way.

As the year 2024 unfolds, the magic of Tarot and numerology intertwine, bringing forth the qualities of authority, self-confidence, and inner wisdom. With a love for humanity and a desire for peace, this year promises to be a beacon of success, especially in the realm of business.

Let us then embrace the wonder of this mystical manifestation and venture forth into the unknown with a heart full of hope and a spirit of adventure.




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