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Full Moon in Leo and Taror Reading

On January 25th, we will witness a magnificent Full Moon that will bring to fruition the intentions set during the Leo New Moon of August 16, 2023. This cosmic event offers a potent opportunity for personal evolution and purification as it opposes Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. The first full moon of 2024, known as the wolf moon, presents an excellent opportunity to establish steadfast resolutions for the year ahead. Astrologically speaking, full moons are symbolic of completion and culmination. Your intuition and emotions will be heightened, allowing for greater clarity of vision.

The wolf moon, which will peak on Thursday, January 25, 2024, at precisely 12:54 p.m. ET/6:54 p.m. CET, will be in Leo, a fire sign known for its heart-centered nature and a reputation for blending gentle fierceness with playful, outgoing energy.  While the January 2024 wolf moon is commonly linked with intense or dramatic emotions, its true significance lies in pushing yourself to overcome the fears and insecurities holding you back from reaching your full potential.

The power of the Leo Full Moon is evident in its ability to vocalise pain and trauma, purging them through death and rebirth. Although the thought of death may induce fear, it is an essential initiation for our souls to experience during this cosmic portal. The Full Moon’s association with Shamanism is exemplified through the image of a mother calling forth her child from the Otherworld, and we are all metaphorical mothers at this Full Moon. We are all releasing that which doesn’t serve our evolution back into the netherworld.

Pluto’s intensity and Leo’s fierce lioness energy open the door for us to express our authentic selves into the world. Our old identities are shed, and we emerge iridescent and indestructible. We realise that true power lies within and that no one can take it away from us. We’ve faced our monsters and made friends with them, and we’ve found our roar again.

This upcoming Leo Full Moon holds significant meaning for all of us, as it presents an opportunity to embrace a new identity and rediscover the freedom to express ourselves authentically. 

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Practically speaking, the Full Moon in Leo offers us an opportunity to balance our present and our future by integrating what we love with what we consider worldly success. We must balance friendship with love, giving with receiving, and merge our identity as individuals with our identity in society. This balance is crucial, and the validation it provides, particularly from within, is essential to Leo. Therefore, we must acknowledge our strengths, give praise where praise is due, and remember to love ourselves.

Tarot Spread

*Full moon vibe for you – Justice: Be Accountable for your actions. A decision will be made final.

*How to step into your own power 3 of wands: Own it! Have a vision of who you want  or where you want to go. Prepare, plan and  create your reality.

Loud and proud – Ace of Cups: Wear your heart on your sleeve, be open to love and be ready to be loved! Love your fabulous and others will too!

*Feal the fear and do it any way – 6 of pentacles : What you give out you get back. Your generosity will be rewarded.

*Guidance on inner strength – Temperance: Have patience and do things in moderation. Gently does it. Find harmonious way that work for you bringing balance and calm with no drama




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