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New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn

As every new moon, the energies now invite you to focus on new ideas, new beginnings new hoes and new ways of being. A fresh start.

Capricorn energy is practical, down to earth, work or career focused and getting things done.

They have a stubborn nature but can use this to their advantage. When they want something. They tend not to let go of their goal and keep on going! This is the vibe for us all now. While we may want to slow down and relax over the festive season, our minds are full of getting things done, and getting organised

Being focused on our goals for the next 6 months in an orderly fashion.

For me, I’m really aware now, that next year I want to be more organised on my new goals rather than scattered all over the place trying to juggle 100 ideas and projects

Balancing practical energy with mystical vibes, keeping your feet on the ground but your heart in the mysticism of life

Set realistic goals and try not to overwhelm yourself, be practical but stay flexible and adaptable, this is the key over the next 6 months to bring your goals and ideals to reality. There may be rapid changes to plans so being open to this and going with any change of plans will benefit you in the long term

Some of the more mystical and special qualities Capricorn has is in the symbolism from the sea goat. The bottom half here is that of a fish, the upper half is great at dealing with practical issues, ambition and determination and the bottom half the creative, musical, and spiritual side

This new moon will highlight fresh new earthly values, work, money security and other psychical representations of reality This could be moving your spiritual interests to have a more business approach or getting organised in your working areas to finding a more ordered way of harmonies both your working life and day to day activities. Finding a new way of structure to your finances and working energies will also be important over the next 6 month but remember to still be flexible

New Moon in Capricorn Tarot spread

*New Important plans to focus on now

*How can you reach for the top

*Best way to achieve your goals

*How to be kind not cold

*Best way to avoid being controlling

*Capricorn tarot message




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