Diary of Mystic of August

Diary of a Mystic August

What a rollercoaster month that was! weather wise one minute literally sweating our bits off the next, I’m thinking about turning the heating on! 

We did have a few really lovely hot summer days though and I totally made the most of them in the sea and down the beach! Well I had to make the most of it while I could! The month has been so busy at my shop, Mystic River Lounge, due to taking advantage of the 50% food and drink offer the gov put on. It’s been lovely to see so many new customers pop in and try us out. Thank you! 

Last month I said how my relationship had ended, this month  I will say we are working towards fixing it! Thats all I’m going to say though! Gotta keep something a mystery! 

Astrologically speaking its been a testing few months for so many, I’ve lost count how many readings have had a similar vibe, and how many people have messaged me asking WTF is going on with the planets and how long will it last! Well I can say this, the full moon in Pisces had amore positive aspect from Venus so there is some dust settling. Emotions for many have been high and a real unsettling energy, however a karmic changes have been afoot cutting ties of what is no longer benificial for you for your next chapter. Your vibrations are changing and it really is a case of your vibe attracts your tribe now!

Old hurts are either being healed or removed. Karmic endings are clearing the way for a fresh new beginning. This is super unsettling for most but your path ways will begin to settle soon enough with more clarity and purpose 

Opportunity knocks! No rest for the wicked they say – I’ve been really lucky to have been asked by an American radio channel to host my own show! Im  just waiting for more details before I can spill the beans. I have also been offered to work with USA  clients from one of my fav people ever! Not only one of the best mediums ever  but a lovely person too – again until this is more secure, I will leave the details until next month 🙂 

Some other exciting news is that I have had the Mystic River Lounge and my home, Feng shuied! This was by far one of my best things ever! The whole day was just amazing – The energy wheel by Gillian Mcilwrath. I would highly recommend the experience. As its something I have been practicing for many many years, my home just needed a few tweeks, but I was literally moving things as she spoke! The shop needed a few more adjustments but Jem and I have been on it and its feeling super fabulous even more than it was! I have to say, after break ups, my pattern is always to get out of my environment, so for a few weeks I was hardly in and couldn’t connect back to my home properly, so this was perfect timing for a re vamp at home. Ive not long decorated but the few weeks I have made since the consultation, have made a huge difference to my energy and I can say I love every room of my house now. How amazing to love my work space then come home to my sanctuary! Obviously the romance are is working extra hard on its love magic lol 

August has been a really busy month for readings too, I’ve seen a huge increase in regulars return after the pandemic, plus new ones from recommendations which is always nice to know. The theme has been the many changes we are all going through. The comfort for most comes in the fabulous signs we get from spirit, the feather in random places, the bird or butterfly or coins we are gifted from aports.  I pick up on a lady I read for that she recently has had a tattoo of an angel I’m memory of a relative that has past. She shows me this stunning image and I get goosebumps on top of goosebumps – another sign its being acknowledged and validated! 

Most of my day to day life is working with spirit or spiritual based activities. Occasionally I need some real time out and this month I managed to book a weekend away with some friends and the boys for our annual caravan trip. It was lovely weather and just the tonic I needed after such a crazy few months! I get to fully charge my batteries and have so much fun and lighter, spending time with these guys grounds me and keeps me focused on my earthly duties!

We have had a few girls nights this last month and I have to say, my ribs actually ached for 5 days after so much laughter.I do feel super lucky with who is in my life now, I trust the shifting process 100% and totally believe its all part of the plan! 


Mystic Blessings

Kate May xx

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