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Full Moon in Capricorn Tarot Spread

Full Moon in Capricorn 

The full moon in Capricorn is upon us! 

Full moons are great for releasing, letting go of what no longer serves us and seeing the bigger picture. They illuminate situations for us, this is sometimes challenging, however often much needed to see the bigger picture of events for out spiritual growth. 

This full moon in the Sign of Capricorn today, called the buck or stag moon due to the young stags growing their horns. This means that we can grow to our full potential now too!

This is the largest full moon, bringing power and healing our way. Emotions will be deep as we work through our shit, shining light on bigger and better things to come

Mercury in cancer also brings heightened emotions, we are talking more about our feelings, have you been watching love island! OMG! Seriously though emotional communication is high lightened with mercury and cancer, let it ll out!

We are now able to see the bigger picture and claim what is ours. Being true to our souls calling and living our best life yet! Positive opportunities are on offer as we go forward making changes that give us our superpowers back. This can be unsettling, but the Capricorn energies bring a vibe of security coming from any transformations

Things can be revealed now, giving you insight and clarification into all situations that you are serious about, awakening your awareness and literally giving you a chance to break free from old shite moving into the new you vibe

The deep challenging emotions you may be feeling could be linked to Pluto the planet of change and death conjunct this full moon, while it encourages a change it can be challenging at the same time as your shadow side will be on show or felt now. This being the side you may not like about yourself and of course others. But, this full moon allows you to accept more of yourself and realise your potential, warts and all!

Reclaiming your inner power and loving the whole of yourself will free you for magical happenings. Digging deep into what makes you tick and what doesn’t, will make way for changes that your soul needs in order to grow.

Ask yourself are you living a 10 outta 10 life right now, and if not re-evaluate important areas in your life and get ready to make them changes happen!

Capricorn energy is serious, business like and practical. The sign of Capricorn is governed by the Goat, when they want something not a lot gets in the way!

Capricorn are workaholics, The worker bees. Whatever area they choose to focus their energy on they will do it to the max and the best they can.

This energy now allows us to focus on what we really want.

Ambitious organised practical and goal focused, they don’t mind putting in the work to get the results. They prefer to crack on rather than moan about.

Now is the time to do this, stop thinking and start doing.

Check in with where your ambitions are heading, take a step back and see the situation form a different side.  This s a great time to rebuild your work structure, acknowledge the blocks, know with this Capricorn energy you can really overcome anything now.

Look at your stats, your recognition, is this working to your best favour? If you have been too strict with yourself or others, too stubborn, had too many restrictions put upon yourself or others, use this time to release that energy. 

Use the full moon in Capricorn energy to re boot everything you are working for, get excited once again for life, forget what has not worked, let that go, including all that self-sabotaging.

 Give yourself a series talking too and let all your concerns float away, while you shift your energies and realign to your new focus 

The tarot card represented by Capricorn is the Devil, The Devil shows us the darker side, he reminds us of our temptations and greed. The darker side of life and all that it holds. 

At first glance the chains look to be restricting the male and female, but on a closer look you will see the chains are not tight and can in fact be released if they so choose. This shows false imprisonment, and the power of the darker side.

When the Devil card appears in a reading, there would be a situation that is causing some form of control or entrapment. There could be temptation down the wrong path or offers that reflect in greed obsessions.  

The devil card looks at areas from our shadow self that we may have tried to battle, such as addictions, self-sabotage, lies, depression or life patens that are doing us no favours. Now in this full moon you are able to release such low energy which will assist you in raising your vibration and raising your aims. 

I will be creating a full moon magical alter today, things I will be putting on will be messages of what I want to release, inspiration ideas to manifest over this eclipse, I will use the crystals connected to Capricorn such as Black Onyx, Garnet and Red tiger’s eye. As Capricorn is my ascendant, it sits in my first house on the Astrological wheel, appearance matters here, my roots and nails are super shocking to to be able to visit the salons now is amazing, to say the least! I am also re opening my shop Mystic River Lounge, with a brand-new look.  It really is no coincidence that this has all happened now, perfect timing.

Full moon in Capricorn tarot spread

How is this full moon affecting you now

*What can you do to ground & protect yourself

*What Career guidance do you need

*How can you support your finances now

*Ways to be more flexible now


I have the superpower

I can overcome any obstacles

My focus is returning to achieve what I want

I am willing to be more flexible now

I am ready to embrace my inner truth and emerge stronger

I am boss babe

My drive and ambition are focused to bring positive changes into my life

I am committed to my goals to achieve success and happiness




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